Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pump1
Key features
Negligible Maintenance Cost
Ease of installation
Sustainable & Pollution Free
Safe and reliable
Eco friendly
Quick Payback
Solar pumps are mostly used for agriculture
Solar pumps are mostly used for irrigation purposes but can be put to other application as well
Solar pumps ideally suited for all our pumping needs including drinking water where grid supply cannot reach due to difficult terrain
Solar pumps can be used as booster pumps for transporting liquid over long distances
Solar pumps are also used in Hotels and Resorts
Solar pumps can also be used in water treatment plants

A solar water pump or a solar photovoltaic water pumping system is a system powered by solar energy. It is just like the traditional electric pump with the only exception that it uses solar energy instead of fossil fuel or electricity. It consists of one or more solar panels, also known as solar photovoltaic modules, a motor pump set, electronic controls or a controller device to operate the pump, the required hardware and in some cases, other items like inverters, batteries, etc.

The motor powered by solar energy draws water out of bore well, river, lake or pond.

The water supplied by the solar water pump can be used to irrigate crops, water livestock or provide potable drinking water.

Solar Water Pump Working Diagram




















                                                                                           Solar Pump Comparision with Diesel Pump


Solar Water Comparision with Diesel Pump












    Advantage of Solar Water Pump

  • Low maintenance because once installed it does not incur the recurring cost.
  • Do not require any fuel or electricity to operate.
  • Stand alone pumping system and does not required any grid, batteries.
  • Cannot be affected by power cuts, low voltage, single phase problems or the motor burning.
  • Solar Pump can be installed in rural areas where electricity is not available.
  • No lubricants are used for operation. So, no chances of soil contamination.
  • Easy to install and operate.




Solar Water Pump
Solar Water Pump
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