Solar Flood Light

Solar Flood Light (With Pole)
Key features
Flexible Choice in Area of Installation
Cost Effective
Easy Installation
Energy Saving
Less Maintenance
Concerts or Theater Halls
Huge Parking Lots
Sports Fields
Outdoor Playing Fields
Boundary Walls
Military & Civilian Security Installations
Manufacturing Plants & Construction Sites
Architectural Buildings & Monuments

Flood lights are one of the most efficient outdoor lighting fixtures that are used to provide an enormous amount of artificial light to any large open space. The lights are resistant to weather elements such as rain and frost and offer illumination in a broad-light angle. Floodlights are commonly used in areas where plenty of light is needed for nighttime activities. Floodlights are also used to illuminate residential properties so that you can monitor the surroundings at night to ensure safety. The diversity of floodlights has increased and improved over the past years.

Solar-powered floodlights are environment friendly and economical as they run purely on free solar energy. The solar panel absorbs the energy from the sun during the day and stores it inside a battery to light up the LED at night. The luminary consists of lithium-ion battery and LED light source. The luminary is connected to the solar panel using minimal wiring. High-efficacy LEDs can reduce heat output significantly when compared to other types of light sources. 

Solar Flood Light
Solar Flood Light (With Pole)
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Solar Flood Light
Solar Flood Light1
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