Solar Hybrid Home UPS

Solar Hybrid Home UPS
Key features
Solar PV reverse voltage protection
Electronic Over Current Charging Protection
No mechanical contact for charge controller
Reverse Current Flow Protection from Battery to Solar Panel
Solar Hybrid Home UPS


PINTRON Solar Hybrid Inverter which utilizes both the Solar Power and Grid Power to charge the batteries. Solar power is of the first priority while charging. This means that when Solar power is available, the batteries will be charged with it only, irrespective of whether Grid power is available or not. It is designed to give you the maximum advantages from the Sun and thereby reduces your Electricity costs. In order to suit all customers, it is coming with 4 operating modes depending upon availability of Solar Power.




PINTRON Solar Hybrid UPS is very easy to install. It fits your budget and also helps to cut your electricity costs. So, it is of double advantage to the user!! Unlike other sources of energy, PINTRON Solar Inverter and the Solar Panel do not emit harmful gases and residue. Thus, it helps in keeping the environment clean and healthy.


                                                   WHY TO SELECT PINTRON SOLAR HYBRID INVERTER ???                                                                                                                                         

                           PINTRON                                                                                                         Other Brand

  • 100 % battery reverse protection                                                                        Effect on MOSFETS when battery reverse
  • MOSFET is the heart of inverter so do not
  • compromise at selection of MOSFETs, 0% failure
  • 100% Copper Transformer
  • Short circuit & phase reverse protection
  • 4 special options to customer selectable, for solar charging
  • Compromise at MOSFETs selection
  • Both are available
  • Not working
  • Maximum chances to 1 option