Solar Street Light

Semi Integrated Solar Street Light
Key features
Environment Friendly
Less Maintenance
Imperishable Source
No Electric Bill
Available in Wide Ranges
No Wire Laying
Easy Installation
Cost Effective & Long Life
Can be Installed in Any Place with Sufficient Sunlight
Highway and Roadway Lighting
Park and Playground Lighting
Airport Lighting
Industrial Lighting and Commercial Lighting
Outdoor Security Lighting
Hospital Parking
Residential Lighting
Bridge Lighting


Conventional Electricity is a costly method of lighting and along with that electricity is manufactured from the raw materials that will end one day. We keeping in mind have brought solar light, solar powered led street light which are equally effective and functional as that of conventional electric powered lights. Presenting Powered Street Lights, that are intelligent method of lighting.

   In areas where the sun is highly gracious and sunshine is intense Powered Street Lights is most ideal product. The solar street lights work on the principle of the photovoltaic cell or solar cell. The solar cell converts solar energy to the electrical energy which is stored in the battery. The solar lamp draws the current from this battery and it requires no other wiring.

 The Solar Street Light operates from Dusk to Dawn i.e. the lamp automatically switches ON after the sunset and switches OFF after the sunrise.

Semi-Integrated Solar Street Light
Semi Integrated Solar Street Light

Semi-Integrated Solar Street Light is the new age compact lighting solution which integrates solar panels, LED luminary, lithium ion battery & a PIR motion sensor into one. This integrated solar street light incorporates LED driver technology, world-class battery charging technology along with high efficiency microprocessor based electronics.

Smart Solar Street Lighting

This solar street light also uses a PIR motion sensor for intelligently adjusting the brightness of the LED light. When detecting any movement around the light, the LED luminary glows at full brightness. The brightness automatically reduces when there is no movement detected. Coupled with a maintenance free lithium ion battery, this smart solar street light provides longer back up time & better battery life as well. It is compact in size & can easily be mounted on a pole top. Integrated solar street lights also have automatic dusk to dawn operation & requires negligible maintenance following installation. They are made of high quality materials to suit the environment where they are to be installed.

Advantages of Solar Street Lights

  • Environmental friendly- Use of solar lights can play a major role in reducing the carbon footprints which are created from non-renewable sources. When the use of solar and other renewable energy will increase then only the problem of exhaustion will decrease from the planet. Electricity produced from solar panels is non-pollutive.
  • Cost Effective- Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid. Hence, the operation costs are minimized. Hence Energy costs can be saved.
  • Imperishable Source- Since solar energy is unlimited; you will never be away from utilizing it, if you are staying in a place where there is sunlight.
  • Less Maintenance- You can be free from worrying about the maintenance of these lights. Apart from cleaning and doing few check-ups there isn’t much to do to ensure its longevity. Solar street lights require much less maintenance compared to conventional street lights.
  • Available in Wide Ranges- Solar lighting techniques have developed over the years. Today you will find wide choice of solar lights with different sizes, types, styles, features etc. These ranges are not only to suit the functional purpose but look wise also they have improved a lot.
  • Since external wires are eliminated, risk of accidents are minimized.  


Applications of Street Lights and its Uses

  •  Airport Lighting- Many Airports are equipped with solar lights because they are easy to install with no conventional electricity cost. These LED lights are installed at the runway and are portable.
  •  Highway and Roadway Lighting-  By the help of these lights, the risk of accidents is minimized as there are no external wires needed for electric connections. These lights can be installed easily in the remote roadway or highway where there is no electricity. The LED Streetlight provides clear visibility for the pedestrian and drivers. 
  • Park and Playground Lighting- Solar lighting systems are beneficial for park and playground lighting needs as it helps to light signs, trails, pavilions and parking lot. They are independent of the grid, so they can be installed anywhere in the park where there is a need for proper lighting. These days, most of the cricket or football matches are held at night time due to several reasons. So Solar LED lights are installed in the stadium or playgrounds that can provide high power lighting inside the field.
  • Industrial Lighting and Commercial Lighting- The Solar LED lighting system has    exceptional storage system which allows 2 days continuous illumination without any recharge. Industrial areas are bigger in size; therefore, they take a large amount of electricity for outdoor lighting. While installing these solar lights, the cost for electric wires will reduce and maintenance cost will lower.
  • Outdoor Security Lighting- Solar powered security lights are illuminated by solar energy which is converted into electric energy. As a result, these are a practical choice for security purpose, as without electricity they can operate at night because the sun provides needed energy during the day.
  • Hospital Parking- Solar Street Lights are very much used in Hospital Parking area where there is a need of proper lighting.
  • Residential Lighting- Solar Street Lighting Systems is in very much demand for Residential lighting as it is widely used by builders for their residential apartments projects etc.
  • Bridge Lighting- Since LED Solar Street light provides clear visibility for the drivers. So these are very much used for bridges also. 




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