Solar LED Emergency Lantern

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Solar LED Emergency Lanterns are the portable source of light that can be moved easily like the torch from one place to other and can be kept anywhere in the room without occupying much space. In fact present days Solar LED Emergency Lanterns come in various decorative and aesthetic shapes that enhance the looks of the homes. Solar LED Emergency Lanterns are an excellent source of light at night times especially in the far of remote places. A Solar LED Emergency Lantern is a portable lighting device consisting of a PV module, battery, lamp, and electronics. Battery, lamp, and electronics are placed in a suitable housing, made of metal or plastic or fiber glass. The Solar LED Emergency Lantern is suitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting, covering a full range of 360 degrees.








• Environment friendly
• Portable
• Silent operation
• Garden Lighting


• Emergency Light Source
• Portable
• Picnic Sports & Farm Houses
• Military Outposts
• Garden Lighting                                                                                                                                              

Diya Din Raat:

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Technical Specifications

No. of Led:-10 pcs high bright LED

ON/OFF Switch

Battery:-Using 3.7V 1200 mah Li-ion  rechargeable battery.

AC/DC 5.5Vadapter for charging included

Charging by 2W, 6V- 350 mAh solar panel. (Optional)

Charging time: 5 hours by AC/DC 6V adapter;

1 sunny day for 2W solar panel.

Working time: 4-5 hours app for LED;

Easy carrying handle to ensure comfortable and ergonomic access.

App Size- Height 120mm Dia 90mm

Box Size- 95mm X 95mm X 130mm