Solar DC Table Fan

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A  Solar fan is a mechanical fan powered by solar panels. The solar panels are either mounted on the device or are installed independently. Solar fans mostly do not require secondary power sources other than solar power, as most of them are used for cooling purposes during day time.

We are offering a wide assortment of Table Fans which are made by using High Grade Raw Material & advanced Technology. They have Robust construction and Long functional life.  Above all, they consume less energy and are very cost effective.

Normally DC Fans Consumes three times Less Power than conventional  Fans for same air output. There is no secret. DC Fans Contains permanent magnets instead of AC coil for magnetic induction.

It has excellent life than AC Fans because of no complicated coil winding mechanism.


 Product Details

   Solar Power DC Table Fan

   Designed for LOW POWER Consumption and MORE AIR

   High Speed for ensuring more air

   Quality Motor to ensure better life of Fan

   Very Low Power Consumption from 1 Amp to 1.5 Amp

   12 Volt /12 Watt, 1 Amp


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·         A solar fan is more environmentally friendly.

·         Though initially the installation may be costlier, in the long term it would turn out to be cheaper because it does not use power
       from the utility grid and may provide savings up to 30 percent on air conditioning costs.

·         Risk of electric accidents are eliminated as there are no electric cords attached to the solar fan.

·         Another great benefit of having a cordless appliance is that it has much more mobility compared to conventional fans.